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About Us

StarsCharityAuction, a premier charitable e-commerce company, connects passionate and socially responsible community of individual shoppers and cause conscious sellers and businesses to raise money through online charity auctions for non-profit organizations.

Ourunique online auction platform, cost effective processes and strategic partnerships enable StarsCharityAuction to maximize more of the donations raised through our site back to charities.  In fact, StarsCharityAuction’s fees are less than half the fees of the leading charity auction site.

StarsCharityAuction also offers over 1.5 Million 501c3 non-profit organizations to choose as the beneficiary of your charity auctions.   That’s substantially more than all other charity auction sites combined.  Our platform allows searching by unique EIN number, charity name, charity category, and even distance from your zip code to find local charitable organizations to support.

Based on our best practices and built from years of experience, StarsCharityAuction donation without bidding technology empowers cause conscious individuals and businesses the option to donate any amount without bidding, maximizing charitable impact.  Your auction will generate more revenue than it has ever before.

StarsCharityAuction delivers an engaging shopping experience and offers greatest fundraising success possible by helping our cause conscious sellers reach new audiences.  Fundraising events have never been simpler or more efficient.  Our enhanced user experience for both bidders and auctioneers offers our customers increased opportunity to raise more money and include more of their community in bidding for their auctions.

StarsCharityAuction allows bidders to bid on any device from anywhere bringing more visibility to your auction.   Our email lists, mailing lists, and social networks drive traffic to your auction and attract more bidders.  Attracting new bidders to your auction helps build your donor list Community of affluent, cause-minded bidders.  No wonder, our users tell us that they raise more money for their favorite charity from successful online auctions with happy, engaged bidders and an expanded community supporting their cause.

Best of all, StarsCharityAuction is totally free to participate.  We don’t charge any listing fees for setting up charity auctions.  Our staff of dedicated auction experts provide support services before, during, and after your charity auction.